Del IT Services' Remote Management Services provide our clients with the peace of mind that their IT operations are being constantly monitored 24 x 7 and can be managed from anywhere, any time of day.

We take care of your network so you can take care of your business. As part of our Remote Management Services offering, we employ powerful remote network monitoring tools to provide 24x7 proactive support for your business.

Our preventative maintenance services, active issue troubleshooting, and remote resolution will save your businesses from critical downtime, not to mention the cost avoidance of an IT office visit. At the first sign of trouble within your business infrastructure our staff is immediately notified and begins to respond.

We are notified not only of system failures, but issues well before they occur. For example, we can see CPU or memory utilization out of spec, long running or blocked SQL transactions, disk space running low, unusual event log activity, network saturation, and much more. Our monitoring covers Microsoft Systems, Exchange Server, your data backups, and much more.

Servers, Desktop, and Device Monitoring

Servers and the server operating system are monitored for various parameters such as CPU, memory, disk, event-log information, critical processes, services and response time. Directly out of the box, our system features include monitoring parameters for Windows, Linux, IP devices and SNMP-enabled devices such as routers, switches and firewalls.

Application Monitoring

Our monitoring system contains pre-compiled parameters to monitor well-known applications such as Exchange, Anti-Virus, SQL, WEB and a host of other applications. The ability to monitor the entire application stack as well as the server facilitates easy planning and problem detection.

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Server and Desktop Preventative Maintenance

  • Antivirus definition checks for monitored vendors every four hours (Virus software may be included with the service)
  • Temporary file and internet debris removal
  • Microsoft patch assessment
  • Logical disk space checked for free space
  • Spyware quick scan during the business week, full scan on weekends
  • Microsoft patch deployment for all white listed security patches
  • S.M.A.R.T. monitoring checking for hard drive failure warning

Management Portal

  • Centralized management portal for Del IT Services to monitor all your systems remotely
  • Remote administration to servers and desktops
  • Ability to remotely administer mobile users as long as they have internet connectivity
  • Client Portal availability to see details of equipment
  • Client Portal also give the ability for the client to remotely access servers or desktops

Asset and Inventory Reporting

  • Complete hardware reporting
  • Detailed list of applications installed, when and version
  • Patching, Spyware, Antivirus reporting
  • Alert reporting
  • Executive reports sent to the customer monthly